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  • Сообщества › JDM DRIVE2 › Блог › Nissan Silvia S  В Северной Америке, Сильвия S13 была известна как Nissan SX.

    Технические характеристики Ниссан Сильвия , , , , , купе, 5 поколение, S13 Silvia. Подробно расписаны модификации автомобилей Nissan.

    ФАКТ! Nissan – третий в японском рейтинге автопроизводителей (после Toyota и Honda) и 8-й в мировом рейтинге. Самым популярным автомобилем считается Nissan Qashqai. Название «Кашкай» взято от названия племени, живущего в Иране.

    На сайте Авто.ру вы можете купить б/у Ниссан Сильвия.  Nissan Silvia V (S13). MT ( л.с.) бензин, задний привод, купе, белый.

    Он и его друзья из Team Review и Bad Quality приехали из Хиросимы Hiroshima , а в прошлом месяце мне наконец-то представился шанс отправится в Хиросиму и провести время с этими ребятами на их родной территории. И тут есть пару маленьких отклонений от заводских рамок. В других странах в связи с дрифт-бумом начала десятилетия, эти модели очень популярны на рынке не-новых автомобилей. Это было часовое путешествие по автострадам - даже дольше, чем занимает мой путь из Калифорнии в Японию. Низкая цена, замечательное шасси, отличный двигатель — все это помогло Silvia и SX стать самыми популярными машинами на японской тюнинг-сцене, вплоть до сегодняшнего дня.

    Nissan Silvia S13 — Сообщество «JDM DRIVE2» на DRIVE2

    It was sold in two configurations—a coupe often called a "notchback" due to the side profile view of its rear window section and a hatchback version. A number of different engines were equipped in the S12 chassis, depending on production year and more specifically on the geographic market.

    These engines borrowed from previous designs, or in some cases, inspired future engine platforms with the exception of the FJ series, which was designed solely with Rally competition in mind. Certain trims had the S12 equipped with an optional V6 engine also shared by the ZX Z31 of the same vintage; this engine would be augmented with dual cam heads for the Z The RS was equipped with the 2.

    The RS-X model also came with different factory alloy wheels. When the S13 Silvia was introduced in in Japan, the Gazelle nameplate was replaced with the Nissan SX as a junior companion to the ZX, although in Australia there would not be a replacement until the introduction of the Silvia-based Nissan SX in Leaving the final year of the S12 The S12 "XE" was strictly a coupe or a "notchback", and was only available with a 2.

    CA20E The hatchback received both the 2. This was the same engine offered in the non-turbo ZX for that generation. The "FJ" engine series was originally designed for the RS rally race car as a 2. The Australian Gazelle was available in both hatchback and coupe variants. According to the May brochure, the coupe added: Below lists the description of both. Bumpers featured matte-finish raised surfaces, and sides featured half-inch rubstripping.

    Cars featured a honeycomb radiator grille, and long corner lights. In some markets, the and 85 could be had with a foam rubber deck spoiler. In the foam rubber deck spoiler was changed for a fiberglass version with an integrated third brake light.

    Mark II[ edit ] Nissan SX XE hatchback with new rear lamps In , the bumpers were updated, and the matte finished surfaces were eliminated for a more uniform surface. The honeycomb radiator grille was replaced with a slatted version that spanned the entire front end previous was shorter , and cornerlights were shortened. The "SE" model and the Turbo Canada, Europe came with new fiberglass ground effects and mudflaps, painted in the color of the car, and a new and more pronounced lower deflection lip in the front.

    Optional rear mudflap accents were available.

    Does a Stock Nissan 240sx Suck?

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